Meet Chelle

She adores Japanese Red, brown, vegan sushi, books, peanut butter, starfish, anything with a heartbeat, and anything from nature (except for beetles), and living the healthiest and happiest life she can. She hopes to someday be a Rock Star, but has absolutely no indicative talents, so she settles for being a shower singer. She's an avid animal rights activist, believes wild animals belong free and that there's nothing more healing than canine kisses. Don't even bother telling her there's such thing as a 'bad dog' or breed, she's already stopped listening and caring about your idiotic opinion. She'd rather run than do almost anything, and practically every workout she does is to improve her running ability (except biking and yoga, she fancies those, too). She loves her fur babies, family, and her friends. She is a full time (paid) Registered Nurse, and a part time (unpaid) crazy. She has an affinity for fuzzy and tacky socks, shoes, glitter, bright colors, and when she can run in them it's even better. She collects eccentricities and has a fondness for owls, octopuses (octopi?!), unicorns, Cthulhu, phoenixes, Ouroboros, random art, and Scooby Doo. She's a zombie fanatic and would rather watch a horror movie than a chick flick any day. You can't drag her from the TV when Criminal Minds, House, or Supernatural are on. She's a Legend of Zelda junkie, but best believe she can play Left 4 Dead, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat. She loves her life, tries to see the beauty in everything (and everything has beauty), will fight for her mojo and the people/animals she loves, and thinks mean people suck (except when she's being mean). She's kind of a peace-loving hippie. Her language is often questionable and her thoughts sporadic. She also digs pistachios. 

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