Monday, April 24, 2017

One Step Closer

To an answer? To a fix? I'm not exactly sure.

I just completed 6 weeks of PT without any improvement. My PT (and doctor) thought it was my SI Joint and pirifemoral muscle.

I don't think they're wrong.  They just aren't right.

I went to the doctor today for my follow up appointment and we did an xray of my lower back and hip.

The doctor walked into the room after the xray and said to me, and I quote, "I have never seen a pelvis like yours." 

She went on to tell me that she showed it to another doctor that said, "that's.. interesting. Send her to a spine specialist". 

She showed me the xray and while she was pulling it up on her computer I'm thinking, "this isn't gonna mean a damn thing to me!" because I'm no good at xrays. When it popped up on the screen I took one look, she began to explain, and I interrupted her to say, "what is that? What is that?!"

Now, apparently, I have a rather unique sacrum. Here's a picture of a normal spine curvature. See the sacrum?:

I have my xrays on disk, but I feel a little uncomfortable showing them in public, so I've edited the above pic a bit to show. Here's my sacrum:
Notice how my tailbone points almost directly down? It's not supposed to do that. This tilts my pelvis down, with the front of my pelvic bone forward, if that makes sense.

There's really nothing to do for the sacral issue, which is likely congenital since I've never had a known spinal injury. I've also never had a lumbar/sacral xray/MRI before. The only option is fusion of my sacral bone, and I've already decided that's a no, especially since I've apparently had this for almost 40 years. The doctor thinks this is likely the cause of my pain. She also thinks that it's possible PT focusing on my spine could be helpful to strengthen the musculature around my sacral bone.

That's not all.

You see the lumbar vertebrae in the above pictures? The gaps between the vertebrae are good, they're fluid filled and padded to protect the bone. I have very little gap between my sacral and lumbar vertebrae.  A bit higher up, I have very little gap between my 4th and 5th (and possibly my 3rd) lumbar vertebrae as well. This brings the diagnosis of Spondylolisthesis.

And gets me an MRI.

And a visit with a spine specialist.

I didn't see this coming. Strange thing is, I have very little back pain. Occasionally my lower back will ache a little, and once in awhile my right hip area will hurt some, but always the pain is in my left hip area. 

On the bright side, I got clearance to do short running intervals from my PT last week and I started C25K again. The first day felt alright, went home to sleep before work, went to work and the pain was the worst it has been. Four days later (today) I ran again, C25K Week 1 (1 minute running, 90 second walk intervals) and we'll see how I feel later.

I now also have clearance to run from my doctor as long as I don't have neurological (numbness, weakness, etc.) symptoms.

So I can run again, I just can't run without pain.


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