Tuesday, September 17, 2013

See Jane Run {A Real Post}

My last post for See Jane Run was short and to the point. Now that I have a bit more time (day off, yay!), I'm going to write a bit more detailed post. I left my keys in my friend's car, and she had to leave early (boo!) after the race, so I had to go get my things from her or I would have stayed much longer! As I said before, this race wasn't a PR for me, but it was definitely a nice run, the weather was perfect, the hills weren't terrible, and everyone was SO nice and friendly! They had aerobics before the race, and champagne and chocolate afterwards. I missed the aerobics, but you couldn't keep me away from chocolate. You know me! The chocolate was from See's Candies and (I consider  myself somewhat of a chocolate connoisseur) was very, very, very good.  I've since visited the See's Candies site several times, and I joke not, it's chocolate porn. Pumpkin Pie Truffles!! I need say no more.

Another sponsor was Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, which alas, due to time constraints and having to leave, I didn't get to try. But judging by some of the happy faces I saw in after-race pictures - I believe it's quite safe to say - was heavenly.

I'm going to take a moment here to mention the chick that speed-demoned past me at the Finish Line! We were neck-n-neck for the final stretch, until I finally passed you! Then.. Out of nowhere, you got this super burst of energy and totally flew past me at the very end! I wish I'd seen you afterwards, you rocked! And Congrats!

After-race also included food, shopping, sampling, and massages! Seriously, this race is a female runner's dream. If you're looking for a race that's organized, friendly, beautiful, and surrounded by amazing women, See Jane Run is your race!

Oh! And I absolutely adore the champagne glass! Most races offer swag and bling, but a champagne glass is the most unique so far. I also love races that offer finisher's medals or ribbons - it's so nice to have something to show even if you aren't in first place!

My final results: 17/49 in my age group and 95/296! (If I'm understanding that right.)

My socks? No race post of mine is complete without tribute to my socks, right? Here you go:

Because you always wondered where rainbows come from!

I apologize for my lack of picture taking - and I solemnly swear to do better from here on out. I will leave you with this, though:

Shield your eyes, I'm the one that glows in the dark ;)


Pretty Little Runner said...

Bummer, you had to leave early. Love the skirt by the way, I wore a red one!

Chelle Shock said...

I've learned my lesson about poor planning! I feel like I missed a lot leaving early :(

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