Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Whining Doesn't Burn Calories

Can I just admit that I'm not always the most brilliant person on the planet?

I haven't gotten an MRI yet, nor have I seen a spine specialist.  Why, you ask? A couple reasons, but one being I'm a bit of a chickenshit. As before, with both the knee and hip/back issues, I'm afraid I'll be told to stop the running. I've just restarted!

My stubbornness is weakening though, as the discomfort is increasing. I'm beginning to have increased pain with 12 hour shifts and being on my feet almost the entire time. I'm trying to run every other day, but on my 4 nights on, I haven't been able to do so in the mornings because I'm pretty sore by morning after the 12 hour shift. Right after I run (slowly and for short distances) I feel alright, it's later that the hip (the pain is still in the left hip area, even though there's nothing "wrong" with my hip) hurts. Ice helps better than anything else I've found so far, but it's definitely not a miracle cure.

I can't stand, sit, or lay in any position for very long without moving. I frequently wake up on my left side with pain in the hip, or on my back/stomach/any other position with discomfort (cramping, kind of?) in my mid-back/ribs - which I have since looked at the xray and it is the area where my spine lacks the gaps between vertebrae (the bottom of my ribcage). This has been going on several years (the back/rib issue) so I imagine it's related and I never realized. I have had a tight feeling from my pelvic area down the front of my left thigh when I walk, my feet often feel cold and damp (as if I my socks or shoes are wet, but they aren't), and I sometimes I can only feel pressure in my outer left thigh.

It's frustrating. And I know I'm whining here.

So in other news, I have been running again. It's sucking pretty bad (there's that whine again, but I'm being honest!) but I'm determined to run until it gets better. I made it 2.5 miles today, at a slow pace, but it was comfortable and I know I could have gone longer but I had an.. *ahem* .. stomach issue.

I'm so stoked that it didn't feel awful that I don't even care how slow it was!

I'm sure I'll hurt tonight, but again, it didn't feel awful so I don't even care.

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