Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm Not Funny

Wait... What?

I got told that this weekend. Not in so many words, but more like, "you're totally down on running, and so-and-so's blog is hilarious"  or something close to that. Now this person is a good friend, so I took this to heart.

She's right. I'm in a dark space right now, I have been for awhile. There I said it. It's not all cocaine and hot tubs around here. I don't honestly know why, but I can pick a few reasons with the biggest being the loss of my baby, Dingo. He took a piece of my soul with him. I miss him so much.

Running hurts physically. I mentioned before that I've been having hip pain. This is getting worse. I ran a 10k on Sept. 18th and a week later ran another one with a time increase of around 18 minutes because of hip and knee pain. I took two weeks off and ran a half last weekend, adding about 20 minutes to my last half time. I tried KT Tape for the first time on my knee and felt a huge difference in the knee pain. I just started a new job (surgical-trauma) and insurance hasn't started yet, but I'll see the sports doctor when it does.

I love running, and I want it to love me back again. It doesn't fix my problems, but it helps make them manageable.

Things will get better. And until they do I need you all to just remember that I'm pretty fuckin' funny, damnit.

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