Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hibernating Until Winter

I hate summer. I hate 90+ degree temperatures and I despise trying to run in them.

June 21st - June 27th
June 28th - July 6th

July 6th through the 9th just didn't happen.

It's been hit-and-miss lately, although I'm still loosely hanging on to the 3 (2) miles or 30 minutes plan. My mileage is suffering, as you see, and I blame the heat and being sick.

July 10th : 11.25 mile bike ride
July 11th : Nada
July 12th : Nada
July 13th : Nada
July 14th : 4.05 mile run
July 15th : 3.12 mile run
July 16th : 1.35 mile run
July 17th : 2.19 mile run
July 18th : 2.10 mile run
July 19th : Nope
July 20th : Nope
July 21st : 2.35 mile run

Our temps here in KS have been reaching the low 100s, high humidity. I don't like hot weather, I never have and I certainly don't since I became a runner. This shit is inhumane!

My unhinged running partner Non-Stop Mom is way ahead of me in miles - to the tune of like 14+ miles. This isn't acceptable. We also have frequent plans to get up at ridiculous hours of the morning to run before the sun scorches the planet, but that's a rarity as we (ok, ok, usually me) never drag our asses out of bed.

I hate mornings, too.

Mornings and summer.

And speaking of NSM, she needs to start posting more on her blog as well, doesn't she? She's being lazy.

So how do you  handle the heat? Do you have any secrets for getting in mileage without melting?

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