Friday, July 29, 2016

Here's Where I'm At & Heat and Mosquitoes

We've talked before about my hatred of mosquitoes. The other day, I was minding my own business at my computer, perhaps even typing a post here, and I received 4 mosquito bites. Four. In my own home. I never even saw the little fucker. What's their purpose for existing, anyway? They're ugly, they're evil, I don't think they pollinate anything. I just can't take this. My legs are (again) covered with mosquito bites in various healing stages, just as in the aforementioned posts, and even when I go outside to run in spite of the vile, un-cute, evil, nasties it's too hot to run very far.

Because it's still fucking summer. And I hate the heat, almost as much as I hate mosquitoes. Why does it have to be SO HOT?! As usual, I've aimed for 50 miles this month, and unless I get 16 in the next two days it isn't going to happen. So yeah, it's probably not going to happen unless it starts to snow and I get a superhuman boost of energy.

To keep you up-to-date, because I know you're totally paying attention, here's where I'm at now:

July 22nd : Nope
July 23rd : Nope
July 24th : 4.02 miles
July 25th : Nope
July 26th : 4.40 miles
July 27th : 1.15 mile
July 28th : Nope

^That's alotta NOPE, huh?


I've talked before about burn out and broken Mojo. I honestly don't feel either of these is a problem. When I run, I feel pretty good (save for some shortness of breath when the humidity is 80+) except for the heat. I know there's ways to improve running in the heat, and they do work, but they just don't make it - oh I dunno - cooler outside.

While I'm on the heat bashing talk, when you have to wear shorts to run, you have to should shave your legs. I don't mind shaving for a reason, but just to put on shorts to go outside and have sweat running down your legs? No, thanks. It's too time consuming. I could be sleeping, or post-run eating all the things, which when I'm running regularly I do, a lot. Even when it's not post-run. Hashtag AlwaysHungryRunnerGirl and shit. In fact, I'm hungry right now, just thinking  about running. I run for calorie counteraction. There. I said it.

In other news, I ordered a Hippie Runner grab bag, 10 headbands for $20 and got these:

Bottom right is my fave!

And am pretty happy with them. As far as headbands to, these are very good in the non-slip area. You can get 10% off with this link. The 10 for $20 grab bag is also still going on through the 31st (I think).

Oh, and if you happen to get this band, you can go right ahead and sent it my way. Kthanx :)

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