Thursday, July 7, 2016


As I mentioned previously, I'm doing a "3 (or 2 thanks to the heat) miles or 30 minutes" plan.

June 21st through June 27th is documented here.

June 28th: One hour Wellness Class
June 29th: 2.05 mile run
June 30th: 1.02 mile run to gym; 30 minutes at the gym; 1.06 mile run home
July 1st: 2.10 mile run
July 2nd: 1.0 treadmill mile; 20 minutes elliptical
July 3rd: 3.5 mile run
July 4th: 3.14 mile run (5k race); 8.03 mile bike ride
July 5th: One hour Wellness Class (Zumba)

July 6th, derailment.

During the bike ride on July 5th I was attacked in the eyeball by a kamikaze bug. That didn't derail me, of course (although my eye is STILL sore), but it began the train of events that did. So melodramatic, huh? The next day I wound up with a sore throat. This progressed to bad sore throat, earaches, headache, sneezing, chest pain. I barely got out of bed yesterday at all.

Today, my throat is a little better, but the headache and sinus shit is worse. If a tylenol helps, I'm hoping to get something accomplished this evening.

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