Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Today Marks One Week

I recently posted about starting "3 miles or 30" (modified to 2 miles because of the heat) and this evening after doing tonight's hour class, will be a complete week of this plan.

It looked like this:

Day 1: Tuesday, June 21st. One hour Wellness Class
Day 2: Wednesday, June 22nd. 2.10 miles
Day 3: Thursday, June 23rd. 3.13 miles
Day 4: Friday, June 24th. 45 minutes at the gym
Day 5: Saturday, June 25th. Two 5k races
Day 6: Sunday, June 26th. 10 mile bike ride
Day 7: Monday, June 27th. 1.25 mile run to the gym, 30 minutes at gym, 1.25 mile run home

I'm pretty stoked about this. They illustrious "they" say it takes about 21 days to form a habit. I've started using a Believe I Am Training Journal that I bought a couple years ago, and I hate the idea that if I skip a day, the day will be left blank.

If anyone's struggling with motivation, I suggest giving this idea a shot.

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