Thursday, June 23, 2016

3 Miles or 30 Minutes & Concrete Legs

I've started counting calories again. Yesterday. I'm sick of the scale creeping up. My sweet tooth is on vacay, which is awesome, but lately I've been craving chips and guacamole. Like guacamole, allllll the time. Like it's crack. I buy a container at the store and by the end of the night it's gone. G-O-N-E. Buh-bye. And what goes with guacamole? Chips.

No good.

So I'm doing this 3 miles or 30 minutes thing that I read about where every day you either run/walk/hike 3 miles or 30 minutes of other exercise. The concept being the middle road of exercise, nothing extreme, is more sustainable long term. I have adjusted it to 2 miles or 30 minutes for now just because of the heat. For example: I ran yesterday evening shortly before dark and it was still 97° when I started - 93° two miles later. That's a lotta nope. 

So 2 miles or 30 minutes it is. 

On Tuesday (6/21) I did an hour group evening workout class with lots of stadium stairs and squats (outside) and with the help of a bottle of water I froze before taking, it went pretty well. 
On Wednesday (6/22) I ran 2 miles. 
Today I ran 3.1 miles in the wee hours of the morning with Non-Stop Mom

After the class on Tuesday, I wasn't at all sore. Yesterday I didn't feel too bad either until evening shortly before I went running. My legs never did loosen up. This morning it hurt to walk, but running wasn't terrible.  As soon as I stopped running though, it was like my thigh and calf muscles seized up. Instantaneously. Stretching, soaking, elevation, nothing is helping yet. My foam roller is MIA.

And on Saturday I have two 5ks. 

And in the morning I'm going running again.

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