Friday, February 5, 2016

Treadmills Suck. Just a Friendly F.Y.I.

January's goal of daily running didn't go well as I mentioned before, thanks to the shitty weather.

Grand Mileage Total for January = 23.66 miles


February's goal of 'Strength Work 3x Per Week' is taking off.. slowly. As in yesterday was the first day. Non-Stop Mom and I joined a gym last month due to the weather, and deciding the treadmill was better than no running at all. Well, yesterday, we were schooled by an old(er) man on lifting and machines. Like this man threw around things that weigh about what I do (ok, not quite, but still). I hurt a bit today. I suppose we'll keep this up.

The veganism? Yeah, it rocks. I've got this.

In other news, I'm officially a Live Sore Ambassador. So, go check out their shit!

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