Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review - 2016 in Forethought

I don't really recall my fare-thee-well to 2014, and I doubt I'll remember this one. What did I want to do in 2015? Well, I was going to run 2015 this year, right? Ha. Nope. Who does that shit anyway? Crazy people. Crazy people with insane motivation, defined calves, certifiable mental illness, and super fabulous asses. That's who. (I only have #3.)

So what's the plan for 2016? Here's what I've got in mind:

#1. I've signed up, along with Non-Stop Mom for this crazy shit and running 1,000 miles this year. Piece o'cake, yes? With the challenges listed in #2, I think it'll be easier.

I figure in order to do 1,000 miles in 12 months, we'll need to do approximately 3 miles a day, 21 miles a week, or 83.5 miles a month, right? No, really.. right? Math is not my forte.

#2. A new challenge a month according to No Meat Athlete's website and written by Doug Hay, from Rock Creek Runner and NMA Radio
This post is written by Doug Hay, from Rock Creek Runner and NMA Radio. - See more at:

[January] Challenge 1: 30-Day Run Streak
In order to complete this challenge AND manage the 83 miles needed this month, this will need to be done at 3 miles a day. This is going to be rough since I haven't been running.
[February] Challenge 2: Add Strength Work 3 Times Per Week
[March] Challenge 3: Complete 6 New Workouts
[April] Challenge 4: Set a New Mile Personal Best
[May] Challenge 5: Run At Least 5 Times Per Week
[June] Challenge 6: Design Your Race and Training Schedule
Likely will have done more than a few races by June!
[July] Challenge 7: Run 50% of Your Miles on Trail
Easy! LOVE the trails!!!
[August] Challenge 8: Increase Your Long Run by 5 Miles
[September] Challenge 9: Negative Split 3 Long Runs
This may be my 2nd biggest challenge!
[October] Challenge 10: Hit 100 Push-Ups in One Sitting
Definitely my FIRST biggest challenge!
[November] Challenge 11: Set a 5K PR
Sub-30 5k!
[December] Challenge 12: Establish a New, Massive Goal  
Will 2017 be my marathon year?!

#3. I've also signed up for Veganuary which I'm super excited about! I can tell there are going to be LOTS of fruit and veggies and pre-made vegan meals in my near future until I get the hang of this vegan business. I've been meat free for ages (like, 13+ years.. actually, probably more like 15+) and it's time to be done with the shit. Dairy hurts, too. I think this will possibly be more difficult than giving up meat every was for me. It'll be a process, but I'm going to (as best I can) perfect it!

I'm sure I'll hit speed bumps in these goals next year, I always get frustrated by mistakes and take them really hard. Sometimes I say 'fuck it' and give up. In 2016, this will be my hardest challenge: Not letting the setbacks throw me entirely off track.  

Focus on progress, not perfection.

Goodbye 2015. Hello, 2016.

How about you? Are YOU with me?
Challenge 1: 30-Day Run Streak
Challenge 1: 30-Day Run Streak
Challenge 1: 30-Day Run Streak

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Heather said...

I saw that monthly challenge and it looks awesome!!! You've got 1,000 miles easy!!!

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