Monday, November 2, 2015

A Runner's Nightmare

I ordered a new pair of running shoes. They make my 12th pair. Don't judge. I saw this color combo for the first time and never knew it existed and of course I HAD to have them!

Do you see these shoes? For the love of god people, DO YOU SEE THEM?!

Yes. Now you understand why I had to have them. They're beautiful! I now have four pair of Ravenna 5s, which means I (as far as I can tell) have all but one of the color combos.

I have many different shoes, Hoka, Asics, Saucony, Karhu, New Balance, and while they do truly all have their merits they are still not Brooks and are not quite sufficient for long runs. You can have my Brooks when you pry them off my blistered, blackened toe-nailed, calloused feet. Capiche?

Anyway, I digress. I didn't immediately open the box containing these beauts when I received them. In fact, I didn't open them until two days later. The night following the day I received them, I dreamt. A vile, horrible, terrifying dream. I dreamed that I opened the box to these heavenly shoes, carefully tearing away the tape of the external box and pulling out the packaging that keeps the box inside from bouncing around, and I slowly lifted the lid...

And I found this (as close to the true horror as I could find online):

In size 10. I wear a 6.

You can imagine my horror. Worst dream I've ever had.

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