Friday, September 18, 2015

Last Weekend & This Weekend

Last weekend I ran a 5k on Saturday, a 10k on Sunday. Parts of the 10k were rough, I'll admit. Hell, parts of the 5k were too. I ran both, only walking briefly at water stops. At the finish line of the 10k, minutes after I crossed, an older man collapsed. I didn't see this, but I did see two female and one male runner doing CPR. Medics were there, an AED was present, and 02. I worked my way closer, which wasn't difficult as people were giving them plenty of room to take care of this man, but I wasn't needed to help and for this, I was grateful. It shook me up pretty bad. CPR is pretty common being a nurse, but it never gets easier to witness. I posted later on the races facebook page, and updates came in that the man survived and was still fighting. To my knowledge, he continues to recover.

This weekend I have a 5k tomorrow and a 10k on Sunday.

I still haven't found the Mojo I lost, but there were moments last weekend I had a few glimpses of why I used to love this shit.

Oh.. And I got a pair of these pretty babies for only $70! My first Hoka pair!

Do you know how many pairs of running shoes I have?

Yeah, me either.

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