Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I'm Sucking at this Running Business & Nebraska Half

And I'm spending equal time in resignation and determination modes. I sat down today and got my half times together and holy shit. No lie. Look for yourself:

St Louis Half, April 2014: 2:50:44
Prairie Fire Spring Half, May 2014: 3:03:12
Prairie Fire Fall Half, October 2014: 2:45:18
Hangover Half January 2015: 3:15:17
Little Rock Half March 2015: 3:17:37
St Louis Half April 2015: 3:15:59
Praire Fire Half May 2015: 3:28:49
Nebraska State Fair Half August 2015: 3:23:53

What the fuck?

I've gotten slower, fatter, and well, fucking slow. And I was fucking SLOW before!


I'm signed up for 3 more half marathons at present.

I ran the Nebraska half last Saturday. It was a great race, the scenery was beautiful, the route was flat, the temp stayed between 55-65 degrees the entire time, and the fog only let up about halfway through. It was perfect. I just hadn't trained. I would love to do this one again next year. You know, to redeem myself.

I met a new running friend for the first time there and met a few other Half Fanatics. I ran the first 3-4 miles, not sure when I started alternating walking and running. It always frustrates me when I start to walk and then I just want to quit. This is where the negativity kicks in. Anyway, I start to run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute. I manage this for awhile and then it starts to get rough, too. I do variations of this before finally I dropped to running .20mi and walking .10mi. It was the worst I can remember ever feeling physically during a race. Everything was sore, everything was hurting, and every time I started running after walking I felt like I couldn't take another step.

You may remember the shoes that tried to kill me at my nursing graduation, or maybe I didn't tell about those. At graduation I wore this adorable pair of shoes, then wore them to the celebration afterwards. Afterwards, there was imbibing of alcoholic beverage of course, and the next day I noticed that these adorable shoes had torn up my feet. I had blisters/rub burns on every one of my toes. Well, I wore these shoes to a job interview on Thursday. I have two pairs of shoes that are similar, and grabbed the wrong ones. By the time I made it through the interview and a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a prescription, my toes were again blistered - 4 on my right foot, 3 on my left. With a half marathon in 2 days.

Not a good thing.

Of course this caused some issues.

But I've completed the state of Nebraska on my list of half marathons in every state.

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