Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Four Mile Morning & I Can't Wait For Winter

My plan for this morning was to get up bright and early (5:30 a.m., check) and run for a blissfully glorious 6 miles (umm....)

I don't much care for 5:30 ante meridiem. It sucks. In fact, I don't much care for ante meridiem at all.

But I want to. And I want to have blissfully glorious mornings full of healthy activities such as running that I will again adore and look forward to doing. But this didn't happen today.

One mile in, I had to head back home for an emergency pit stop. Whomever thought putting runners in spandex was a good idea was a damned idiot, amiright?!

I headed back out, thinking I'd now do the 6 miles I'd decided on. I can do 6 miles in one stretch, no walking. I can, I swear.

See? SIX.

Granted it was slow, and it was over a month ago. But still.

Today's miles were rough, I was dragging ass. The mileage was enough. It was 74° when I got home.

So tomorrow, is the 6 miles I had planned for today. 

I can't wait for winter.

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