Saturday, April 18, 2015

Embrace Where You Are & Move Forward

I have a love/hate/lust relationship with running. If you've followed my blog for a time, you've read my posts where running is the best thing on the planet and polar opposite posts where running sucks. What you haven't read here (because posting it makes it real - this being the internet and all) is that I've backslidden so far that running has become a miserable chore.

For awhile now, I've been in denial as to just how far I've deconditioned. I never had fast race times, with my average between 10-11min/mi. I am now averaging between 12-13min/mi - sometimes up to 14min/mi. And they are typically rough miles. I've gained weight since I quit smoking, which has happened before. You'd think I'd have learned! The extra weight is making it even more difficult to run. Sometimes the shin splints come back, but most often I have ankle and calf pain, fatigue, when running. I used to do 6 miles or more, for fun, every other day, now I struggle through a 5k.

I want to enjoy this again. I've decided I have to accept where I'm at right now and start over from here.

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up.

So I'm beginning my marathon training plan. Actually, today was the first day. I've chosen a combination of three training plans, two being Garmin plans (beginner, intermediate) and a No Meat Athlete Marathon Plan. Here are the first two weeks (4/18 - 5/2):

April 18th: 3 miles OR 30 minutes (10k today, I ran the first 3 miles and it took over 30 minutes, and then ran off/on the last 3 miles)

April 19th: 3 miles OR 30 minutes
April 20th: XT (Cross-train) 40 minutes
April 21st: 3 miles OR 30 minutes
April 23rd: 3 miles OR 30 minutes
April 24th: 3 miles OR 30 minutes
April 26th: 7 miles, long run (I have a 12k leg of a marathon relay)
April 27th: XT 40 minutes
April 28th: 3 miles OR 30 minutes
April 30th: 3 miles OR 30 minutes
May 2nd: Undetermined, Half Marathon May 3rd

If you have my number, text me and help me stay on track! If not, email me at

Have you ever had to start over? How did you do it?

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Gary Buchenic said...

For me personally I am encountering a lot less of the common runner's injuries even though doing marathons. I strengthen some regions through powerlift and crossfit training. For more insight visit my blog :)

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