Saturday, March 7, 2015

St. Louis Bound & My New Running Partner

If you read my blog, you'll recall me saying I was heading to Raleigh this year.

I'm not.

I chose to run for Stray Rescue again in the Go! St. Louis half.

I wouldn't have signed up for Raleigh in the first place had I realized it was the same day as the St. Louis race. I had a friend at the time that wanted to run this one (and I was psyched about getting to go to Raleigh!) and she and I are no longer friends (bitches be cray-cray!) so I had decided to run it alone.

I changed my mind.

I love St. Louis, it was my first half marathon ever. More importantly, I love Stray Rescue and anything I can do to help them, I'm game.

So again, I ask of you to help me help them. Donate and sponsor me for Stray Rescue.

You can never have too much good karma.

My Beautiful Girl
Now for my new running partner. My Babygirl Savannah! She has escaped from the house a couple times, runs down the alley like a fat little gazelle, and has almost been hit by a car (or five) before. It scares the shit out of me when she escapes! Thankfully, it's only happened twice, and with no ill aftereffects. So today, she had to ride with me to the Mutt's appointment, because she attempted to escape again. Pissed off and running late, I threw her harness on and let her accompany us. After the vet, Savannah and I ran to the corner and back just so I could see how she'd cooperate. She did great! Needs a little work behaving as a running partner, but I'm sure my Babygirl can do it!

I'm going to start running with her and working to make her a bit more cooperative while doing so.

As I type this, she's passed out next to me on my bed, it wore her out. I'm hoping that her running with me will motivate me and make her life a bit more exciting. I'm so happy to have my new running buddy!

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