Monday, March 2, 2015

Just Run. Just Keep Running.

I ran the Little Rock Half Marathon yesterday.

It was hard. It rained a LOT. It was cold. My time sucked.

Did I mention it was hard? As I type this, I can barely walk. My muscles ache, of course, but my knees are hurting pretty bad. Time for therapy exercises again! Of course, admittedly, I haven't been running either. Time for that, too!

But I ran it, clear up to 12-something miles - when my stomach revolted. Sudden, sharp, painful cramps. It hurt to run, it hurt to walk, it even hurt a bit to breathe. I walked/ran (probably a bit more run than walk) approximately a mile-ish and ran the rest of the way to the finish line.

Little Rock!
The medals didn't arrive in time for the race, they emailed us to let us know. They DID, however, have quick medals made so we'd get something at the finish. They're plastic, and nowhere near as gorgeous as the real medal (which we should have the end of March), but it was nice to get something at the time! The volunteers were fantastic. The entire race felt uphill to me. A slow, gradual, uphill run with what didn't feel like nearly enough downhills for as many as we went up. I have trouble with hills, but I ran every.. damned.. one.

There wasn't a lot of thinking or internal conversation this time.  From the very beginning, I told myself to "Just Run. Just Keep Running." That and "finish this fucking thing and you'll never have to do it again!" were really the only coherent thoughts I had.

Let me remind you that the Little Rock Half was scheduled to be my first half marathon. I chickened out and have regretted it ever since. Hence the "Unicorn Race", the one I failed to conquer.

I completed my Unicorn Race. The question is, does the 12 mile run and one mile run/walk qualify as defeating my Unicorn Race? That's no question, honestly.

I'll see you next year, Little Rock.

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