Saturday, January 24, 2015

No, I Haven't Been Running...

And yes, I miss it like crazy. So why haven't I been doing it?

Excellent question.

I have no good reason.

What I DO have is a plethora of shitty excuses.

Little Rock is coming up, no matter how hard I try to ignore it. 

The truth is, I think the Hangover Half wounded my psyche.

I have been trying lately to start the morning running habit. This hasn't been working so well. I got up early (late, as in I ignored the alarm for 15 minutes) one morning, got dressed and ready. Realized my Garmin battery was about dead (from neglect, no doubt). Charged it for about 10 minutes, thinking that'd be enough for a mile or two and headed to the door. It was raining. Not that pretty, peaceful, warm run worthy rain, either. It was the cold, drench you in a matter of seconds and leave you miserable, type of rain. I didn't have time to wrap electronics in plastic (watch, phone, etc) and still get out to run before work. So I didn't go.

I haven't gotten up early before work since.

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