Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Vegan + Paleo = Paleoveganism?

As the new year comes slamming shamelessly into my already hectic life creeping into view, I
realize I said I was making no promises for the next year. While I continue to stand by this, I've also heard good things about the Paleo Diet (link removed). Not specifically this (removed) link, though, because as I googled it to share with you here, I immediately noticed: "Vegetarian and Vegan Diets: Nutritional Disasters Part 1". So yeah, fuck that site. Apparently the die-hard Paleo Enthusiasts, or at least the peon that claims Paleo as his brain child, doesn't feel it can be done without the slaughter and consumption of animals (however humanely cared for and executed they may be *eye roll*).

*Disclaimer: I'm not a holier-than-thou plant eating tree hugging type of person, honestly (I AM  a tree hugger and a plant eater, though! And I'll have you know that my arteries are pristine.)  But it pisses me off when meat eaters think they're better than we are.

Nothing. The answer is NOTHING.
 Anyway, there are people out there that believe the Paleo Diet can be used for good, instead of murder (yeah, I said it.) One being No Meat Athlete.

So I'm going to give it a try. And by "try" I mean I'm going to try it for 4 weeks, possibly up to 8 weeks, but I'm only committing to four in my early marathon training schedule. If it doesn't work, or is too much of a miserable battle, I won't continue and I'll be sure to rant and rave about the total b.s. that is Paleo.

While Paleo may continue to work for some people, and I'm not denying it's effectiveness, I think that if a "diet" or "lifestyle" can't be readily adapted to meet anyone's needs, how good is it really? It's like a food clique. I find that rude.

Don't be rude.

What are your thoughts on Veganism? The Paleo Diet?

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