Monday, December 15, 2014

Off Road Kitteh & It's All Gonna Be Ok... Maybe

I may or may not have mentioned - or you may or may not have read (I guess this really depends if anyone reads my blog on the rare occasion that I do actually post these days) that I started/joined/am affiliated with a KS women's running group called The Fire Breathing Kittens. Not my first choice of names, but it was a vote, and it's grown on me.

Now, this group has taken a beating, changed administrators, dropped two members (only two out of 23! That isn't too bad considering - the internet), and as is per usual with women, branched off into cliques. Anyway, Lisa (who I just noticed has a "by invite only" blog link over there in my sidebar.. that I'm not privy to) is one of my co-administrators and that seems pretty fitting because I've gone through a few running girlfriends now and she's still present and accounted for. Even though her blog isn't right now.

I've slowed my running roll, entirely unintentionally, because I've grown lazy apparently. The weather has sucked, I've gained weight, I've been sick (for almost two weeks now!) and coughing and running aren't the best pair. Not to mention, when you've got drama amongst "friends" and those "friends" are running "friends" and  you previously ran, like, every race together and stuff, after awhile the drama gets old and the one thing you all have in common becomes a part of that drama.

I've gained weight. True this. I've been lobbying back and forth between "omg, they're watching my fat jiggle!" to "who gives a fuck what those lazy assholes think!" I suppose this is a pretty common thing for women. But I'm in fuck 'em mode at the moment.

I'm not even going to try to catch up on my race reviewing. I'm totally sure that's what you're reading this for. Sorry to you.

I've had a series of really shitty running episodes lately and they revolve mostly around fatigue. My body feels exhausted. Your body would too if it wasn't used to slinging around the 30lbs (there, I said it. 30lbs from my probably too-low lowest) that you are now insisting it do.

I'm tired right now, in fact. And I'm sitting on my ass.

The Texas Guy and I went to Coronado Heights yesterday, which I've been many times before. Never on the trails, though. And might I just say here, it has some damn fantastic trails. I had a short run through the area and it was the best run I've had in ages.

Apparently, trail running doesn't suck.

And this is good, because I'm needing a change.

..And a pair of trail running shoes. So if you have trail shoe recommendations, lets hear them!

I'm not going to sit here and go on and on and make pretty little lists (as I usually do) about the New Year Resolutions bullshit, because honestly, I never follow through. My one and only Resolution is this:

Next year will be better.

Oh, and I signed up for a Marathon.

You read that right. I signed up, knowing what I was doing then, but now wondering why I did it, for a 42.195km (26 miles and 385 yard) road race. It's next October, which offers the illusion that I have time to get ready for this. Yes, that's an illusion. Nobody in their right mind could ever be fully ready for a marathon.

Don't lie and say you are. You lying liar. You're crazier than I am.

I ask my faithful readers, all two of you, to help me to stay motivated (and I'll be happy to do the same for you) for this and to, in fact, make next year better.

And any marathon tips you've got to share? Please..

P.S. I bought The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances by The Oatmeal and I vehemently encourage you to do the same (you can tell by my choice in wording with "vehemently"!) It's beautiful!


Heather said...

Yahoo!! Congrats on signing up for a marathon!! I ran my first last October and while it was the toughest thing I have done (physically and mentally) I cannot tell you how amazing it was as I crossed that finish line. It is an experience I will never forget!!

Chelle Shock said...

Hi, Heather! Immediately after I signed up for the marathon I freaked out. Right after I announced that I signed up, a (very competitive) friend of mine decided to sign up as well (but hasn't yet) and I'm a little peeved about that. Because I'm excited and I kind of feel like this marathon is MY baby and how DARE anyone make it theirs too. Is that normal? Or is the marathon madness beginning already?

You say your "first" was last October. How many have you done?

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