Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm Not a Religious Person

But this doesn't mean I don't believe in anything. You may notice I refer to "The Universe" a lot. You've probably heard me referred to as a "Tree Hugging Hippie". I believe, very much so, that there is something after this life. Something, better. I honestly feel there's no logical reason to discuss religion, because nobody truly knows what's after this life. So I'll leave my opinion at that.

This said, I have a patient right now that has cancer. A pretty quick-moving cancer. I can't give details, obviously, but at our last visit I just felt that she was winding down, even though there have been no physical changes in her condition. I'm worried. And although I really don't know her that well, it's hurting my heart.

She has about another month or so of chemo left before she'll have a CT to determine the chemo's effectiveness.

Here's what I ask: Send her warm fuzzies, pray for her, light candles, meditate, cross your fingers, whatever it is that you do, for my patient. Please.  Help her as best you can to have the best possible outcome. We're hoping for remission.

Thanks in advance.

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