Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hitting the Blogging Wall & Yes, I Know I'm a Slacker

I have nothing to say. This is not one of those "I have nothing nice to say so I'm not going to say anything" posts. I truly don't have the slightest clue what I should blog about.

I'm two races behind on my race reviews, so I'm going to start there and give you the generic rundown. If you don't mind.

June 28th, Firecracker 5k. I ran the Firecracker 5k this year, with a time of 34 minutes, with my running buddy Melisa (it was her first 5k ever!). Last year my time was 34:45. The weather was nice this year, like last year, as it had rained before and wasn't too hot. The route was the same as last year from what I can recall. I used to carry on that I was a solo runner, and liked it that way. I still do, to some extent. My long runs are still mine, and likely always will be. But the 1, 2, and 3 milers? These are great to have a buddy. Of course, before, I never had any running friends, especially not that lived nearby. So I'm taking advantage of this!

July 4th, Stars & Stripes 5k. This is the first year I've done this one. My homies Jen, Heather and Heather's hubby ran this one with me. When I say "with" I mean I was told, "You're not going to get a PR if you don't go!"

This race seemed shorter than most, and likewise felt better than most. I wore my new Asics and could tell a world of difference between these and my old running shoes. My time was 32:19, which indicates I'm not quite back to my pre-hiatus time. But I'm getting there.

I really enjoyed this race, and the bling is quite nice. Bling is always a great motivator.

I continue fighting with my Mojo and lack of motivation. I know that I love to run (when I'm finished) and I know that it makes me feel better, accomplished. It's.. just.. getting.. out.. the.. door. Heather and I are having a competition in August to see who can run the most miles. The goal is 75. (Mind you, she's up to like, 50+ already for July and I've done a grand total of about 10.) In some ways I honestly think my lack of motivation is currently related to boredom. There aren't a ton of places to run around here, and I've exhausted the streets near my home. We have two parks, one of which I'm a little tired of, the other that I'm not comfortable running alone even in daylight (nothing's happened to me there, it's just a feeling I get). I've also gained a bit of weight as I mentioned before, to the tune of 20lbs. (Granted, for a bit I probably weighed less than I should (117lbs) and it was a serious struggle to keep my weight there. 130lbs was much more pleasant for me.) And I've, again, grown a little self conscious of running in public, visible. Stupid, I know.

Lillie Bean Last Night
Oh, hey! Did I mention I ran 50 miles for June? That's my furthest mileage for a month, yet. It was actually a little more than 50, but I don't count the percentages of my mileage. For example: 3.75mi is still only 3 miles. Of course, who runs 3.75 miles without running continuing to four? I don't know. Not me. But I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

I have sadly missed Friday's yoga for the last three weeks. The first time was due to one of my rare migraines. The second week I was out of state. And yesterday I was awaiting my Beanie Dog at the vet after she had surgery. Another mast cell tumor. The surgery went well, the mass was very small and removed cleanly with no roots into the surrounding tissue. We're just awaiting the staging at this point, but from appearances, we're expecting a favorable outcome. Isn't she just adorable? She was sleepy after her surgery. Today she's more herself, she's on pain meds and antibiotics. This is the second time she's had the blue stitches. She's turning into my little FrankenBean. She also had three tiny little incisors removed. I know they're tiny because I kept them. For the Tooth Fairy, which in this case, left my little dog the promise of homemade Mutt Fudge (that my mom makes in my kitchen, and has promised my furkids but hasn't yet delivered).

In other news, I've fallen in love with The Killing on Netflix. And honestly, it's a little amazing to me that I actually shut it off, after the first episode of the second season, to write this post.

In still other news, I ordered bracelets from Pura Vida at an awesome discount. They are great! I'm excited to wear them all.. the.. time. 

I also ordered a grab bag of calf sleeves from Pro Compression for another awesome price (3 pairs for $33!) I received a pair of orange Ragnar sleeves, a pair of white/green/red sleeves (think Xmas), and my favorite, the black with neon pink argyle. The first two pairs aren't my favorites (seeing as Christmas comes once a year and I've never done Ragnar) but $33? Can't beat that. I'll just wear them on training runs! I have a pair of Pro Compression socks (which I swore I did a review on, but I can't find?) that are just a little too long for me, so I tend to wear them as recovery and not for actual running. These calf sleeves, I'm very happy with how they fit. And I plan to run in them very soon and will let you know all about it!

And then (actually first) I ordered from Joy of Socks. Great socks, no shipping! A sock lovers heaven. I got a pair of baby blue tube socks on sale, a pair of K. Bell multi striped knee highs, and my favorite: a pair of Leg Avenue neon argyle! It's a sickness, I say.

My Mom has a coworker that runs, and he told her once that all runners go through this.. Mojo issue. The answer, he believes, is to go out and do an easy three miles, make it a habit, and that the love eventually returns.

How about you all? Have you lost your Mojo? How did you get it back?

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Heather said...

Losing your running mojo is the worst! Sounds like you have a great plan to keep motivated though!! A good competition is all it takes to get me off my butt :)


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