Sunday, July 6, 2014

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep :: Ode To The Shoes

I love my running shoes. I don't know if this is normal for runners or if I have a sickness. Personally, I think it goes rather nicely with my sock fetish. Which reminds me, I haven't bought any new socks in awhile.

I have had my Brooks Ravenna 3s for well over a year, pushing these shoes way past their "run-in-me" mileage. It wasn't until just recently that I could really tell they were retirement age. My Ravenna 3s are now being put into the Mud Run/Color Run/Build An Altar To category. What you can't see from the picture below, is that these shoes are full of sweat, tears, and bloodstains. I have had shitty runs and amazing runs in these shoes. I had my first 5k, first (three) 10ks, an 11k, an 8k, and my first and second half marathons in these shoes. We ran hot races, freezing races, and a flooded race together. I've bruised and bloodied toenails in these shoes and fallen, scraping my hands, knees, elbows in these shoes. These are my very first pair of running shoes. Without them I would have given up running ages ago. I love them.

It Truly Makes Me Sad to be Retiring These

I went on a hunt for new running shoes and found the Ravenna 5s. I was thrilled with their fit, but wasn't as excited about their color, and for the price of $110, I wanted a spectacular color. So I ordered them. In purple. I picked up my new Ravennas last Thursday and when I opened the box I was in love.

Look How Pretty!!
I'm going to run in these for a bit and if I adore them as much as I think I will, I'll be getting them in the orange/blue as well.

While I was waiting on my beautiful new shoes, I received a pair of Asics Gel Venture 4s from 6pm. I've worn this pair for a few runs now and they aren't too shabby either! Not to mention, they're gorgeous!

Who Wouldn't Love "Charcoal, Seafoam, Coral"?

I'm so excited! No matter what anybody says, fantastic shoes make the run!

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Was it hard to retire your first pair?


Muttski said...

Yup, those Asics, sure are some nice shoes.

Ashley a.k.a. Sweaty Girl said...

I'm still rotating my first pair in and out. I will be very sad to see them go even though they gave me horrible blisters the first few months of running almost two years ago.

Chelle Shock said...

Yes, Muttski, they are quite nice shoes :)

Ashley, I'm planning to rotate my two new pairs - the Brooks for longer distances, and the Asics for shorter/speed. Nothing motivates like new shoes :)

Grey-Eyed Mom said...

My first pair of shoes are now my mowing shoes. I smile every time I slip them on, remembering all the miles.

Heather said...

I struggle with letting go of running shoes when they pass they "run in me miles" and I always keep them for mud runes and such...I'm starting to get quite the collection and thinking I should let a few pairs go!! lol!

My favorites right now are my Brook's Glycerin's...I actually have 2 identical pairs right now that I am rotating between #runnerproblems

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