Saturday, June 7, 2014

OMG Coffeeeee & a 10k River Run

I slept in this morning until almost 11, apparently through my alarm clock that was set for 9, and it was glorious. I woke up to my Boy, Dingo, curled up at my feet to where I couldn't stretch my legs out (which are achy, by the way). Along my back was my BabyGirl Savannah, sprawled out and pushed up against me. I could tell all of this before I even opened my eyes - this happens a lot, you see. When I did finally tell myself it was about time to get up, I opened my eyes to see the little beady eyeballs of my Lillie Bean. She was stretched out in front of me, facing me.

Do you see now why I can never get out of bed? Who could want to disturb these babies! I love them SO  much.

 As mentioned, my legs are achy. This doesn't happen to me much anymore! I may or may not have mentioned I started a Runner's World Run Streak (#RWRunStreak) on Memorial Day that runs through the 4th of July. So a 40 day running streak of a minimum of a mile a day. I'm up to day 13 and haven't missed a single day! So far I've done a little over a mile each day, but Thursday I did 5 miles and last night I did 4 (at a 10:50min/mi pace, which I'm a little proud of right now). Tomorrow I have an 8k race (4.97mi).

I was thinking last night while I was dragging my ass running around the trail that part of my problem as of late is that I've lost the "omg! I can DO this!" factor. For example, I've run two half marathons, so my 5 miles here and there don't excite me as they used to. Please, I've done that business. And I don't want it to be that way. I want the wonder back! I know that speed is logically my next hurdle, but I just... can't... seem to... run faster. I mean, honestly, I don't understand the whole "4 x 100 @ 10K pace, the “repeat” is the 100-meters run at a 10K pace" business, if you know what I mean. I want, no NEED, to amaze myself again.

The River Run 10k that I did last weekend totally rocked. It was hot (the end of May in KS, imagine) and I walked through water stops (I haven't mastered the drinking while running thing and end up waterboarding myself) that in shorter, cooler races I tend to skip. I was good until roughly mile 4 when I began thinking maybe those insane ice-bathing runners were onto something. I had to start focusing on relaxing my shoulders (I have to do this a lot, I tense my neck and shoulders really bad) as I could feel the dull ache in my back and upper arms starting. For some reason this makes running more difficult for me than leg pain does.

For the past week or two leading up to this race I had been arguing with my knees again. This time namely my left. I actually shouldn't be using past tense here, because the problem is still ongoing. The pain isn't bad, really, just annoying and doesn't hurt as often during running - just almost all the time otherwise.

I know, I know! Physical therapy! *sigh

My knee bothered me a bit, maybe a little discomfort every mile lasting a few minutes or so during this race. I'm just not mentally equipped to walk, I think. Some people do run/walk methods and get faster times than I do. I just.. can't.

Anyway,  this race was good. They had doughnuts!! And Prairie Fire Coffee!!! And bananas, oranges, and lots and lots of goodies to eat. Hey, I've told you before, it's all about the food. Just sayin'. I confess, I had a chocolate doughnut and a cup of P.F. Cappuccino! Sooo good.

Next on the Race Radar is the Princess Prance, 8k - tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

With bad knees, I've had to give up running and stick to walking. A big help to me is proper stretching each day. It is amazing how many muscles pull on the knee,

Kerry said...

That is awesome that you are running everyday and have a goal you have set! Great job! I always have admired runners. I have tried it and it is not fun for me so I will just keep milking cows for exercise. Ha! Thanks for your post!

Deb Clem-Buckert said...

I've been having back problems from Pilates and it's been preventing me from playing tennis. I think I'm heading to PT too. Boo.

Crystal Rhyno said...

I did the last streak with RW in the dead of winter. It was okay! Good luck with your streak. Let the sun shine on :)

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