Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kill It With Fire (and then, drown it's ashes) :: Part II

You may or may not recall my post from last year. This post, is that.

I went running last night. A whole 1.3mi in 16min and I came home with 34 mosquito bites. This is not an exaggeration. I tried to take pictures of my back to share with you, but it didn't work as I had hoped. I won't break down the number of bites per body surface area, just know I'm covered and last night looked like I had hives. I showered ASAP and covered myself with AfterBite. As usual, the bites still itched, and I still had the nausea. I have bites through the shorts I was wearing, through the socks I had on, and somehow I have an ankle bite that was not only through my socks, but under the rim of my shoe.

This mosquito shit is growing quite old.

On my right arm I have a lump right below my elbow, about the size of the palm of my left hand. It's hot to touch, soft, and right next to a rather small looking mosquito bite. The lump is clearly filled with mosquito venom.

I'm ready to rip my skin off.

I bought some Benadryl cream, and it's helping the bites on my back (which were done through the shirt I was wearing, by the way) and a couple bites on my legs. The rest of the bites are itching like mad.

Again, I'm COVERED in BENADRYL cream. And it STILL itches!

Allow me to reiterate.

Not Cute.

Not Cute.

Still Not Cute.

Not At All Cute.

I hate mosquitoes. Hate, hate, HATE them.

Does anyone else have a horrific mosquito allergy? Please advise!

1 comment:

Muttski said...

But Mikey Mosquito loves the taste of fresh blood. Mosquito's gotta do, what a mosquito's gotta do....yo.

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