Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Get Your Rear In Gear, 5k & Identical Time (How Does This Happen?!)

On May 25th I ran this race with Heather and Jen (and I just looked at her menu! Oh. Em. Gee.)  The crowd was much larger than I expected! It was toasty outside, even at 7pm. Even considering this, this race felt good. Imagine my acute annoyance when I timed in at exactly the same time of my last 5k. Tell me how this happens? Exactly. the. Same. Time. 32:14. *sigh

Anyway, I really liked this race. My only complaint is that afterwards there was a BBQ, which of course, offered nothing meatless. Well, except ice cream bars, which I'm definitely ok with. I just wish everyone would realize that not everybody eats meat!

I kinda dig this pic, I think.

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Crystal Rhyno said...

Yes I live in Alberta where some form of beef is ALWAYS offered at every public event. There's usually some soggy gross salad offered. It's nice to have a veg option because eating a bun with mustard and relish is not that apetizing!

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