Thursday, June 12, 2014

Damn It, Mother Nature!

Mother Nature killed my Run Streak on Day 15. My streak ended with the 8k of Princess Prance. I was (and still am) totally pissed. It entirely fucked up my system and I've taken the past two days off. Now, I must mention, that it wasn't that I was afraid to run in the rain, it's that my entire neighborhood was flooded. So I tried to drive to the gym to use the treadmill, and about drowned my car. Yeah, no. I went home. My friend Melisa and I are starting a new streak, this time we're doing 2 miles minimum a day for 15 days. Longer, depending on how we feel. I think maybe shorter goals are going to work better for me.

In other news, I just ordered BondiBand's Compression Calf Sleeves and the matching headband. I've never used compression sleeves, I'll let you know how it goes!

The Princess Prance was a good race, but waaaay too hot. I walked through the water stops, a little longer than usual. I got a side stitch that I couldn't seem to get rid of for about a mile. And, the two tutu wearing chicks I had hoped to keep up with, I lost at the first water stop when I began walking. The race wasn't nearly as large as I had expected, which I suppose was because of the heat. The race was held at 4:00pm. Several people dressed up, which was awesome - and brave - considering how blazing hot it was! Again, damn it, Mother Nature! 

My time was 55:53, which is a PR since I've never run an 8k! Hey, it counts.

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