Monday, May 5, 2014

What's Occurring, Second Half Marathon, & New Friends

I haven't blogged in awhile as you've noticed.

Here's the business: I've started going to the gym 5-6 days a week with my friend Melisa. We've done mostly cardio, and she's started running and already does a shit-ton better than I did when I started! I'm totally trying to recruit her to a 5k this summer. We've also started doing a Boot Camp class and a Yoga class. Boot Camp's pretty rough, but I've kept up better than I thought I could, so I'm pretty happy with that. Yoga.. I love. I like the teacher, I like the others that take the class, I like the way yoga makes me feel. I'm definitely sold. And I'm pretty flexible. Just sayin'.

I just did my second half marathon yesterday. It was SO much better than the first. Where you'll recall how sick I was. So this one, I wound up with an arm sunburn (because while I remembered to put sunscreen on my face and neck, I forgot my arms), a blister on the 4th toe of my right foot, a bloody second toe on my right foot (oh! and I also have a blackening big toenail on the same foot), a bit of thigh chafing (even with Body Glide), I didn't beat my last time (last was 2:50:44, this was 3:03:12) - but I met Heather and her hubby, made a new running friend (Jen), and Lisa came to support me!

I ran the first 9 miles with Jen and the miles flew by! After we both finished, we then waited for Heather to finish and found out that she'd been injured at Mile 1.. And she STILL crossed the Finish Line. How's THAT for bad-assery?!

This half wasn't as populated as the St. Louis Half and in some ways I liked that much better. This race was very well done, and I stayed long enough after finishing to witness EMTs escorting injured runners across the Finish. I loved that!

What did I learn from this half marathon?
  • Half marathons totally rock when you're having fun.
  • It's always nice to have somebody to run with.
  • Everyone you start with finishes before anyone leaves!
  • The running community continues to be the best group of people I've ever met.
  • Body Glide isn't a cure all, and this is a painful reminder that my thighs still touch.
  • Nausea means dehydration.
  • Drink. Water and Gatorade during a hot race. A lot.
  • Hot weather running makes me wish I carried lip balm. 
  • Don't wipe your chapped lips with your hand after you've been sweating. You're a human salt block.
  • That burns. Badly.
  • Music helps. 
  • Volunteers make a race.
  • Blisters still suck.
  • I really need to resume physical therapy. Seriously.
  • The nicer I am to my body, the nicer it is to me. (Read: No blood.)
  • Sunscreen EVERYWHERE
  • The Finish Line is beautiful. No matter what the timer says.
  • I'm ready to run another.
Lisa & I
Jen & I
Jen & I

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