Saturday, May 24, 2014

IIDA Superhero 5k, April 12th

So you may recall my wanting to run this race as Harley Quinn. No, it didn't happen, mainly due to my laziness. Fortunately, not many people were seriously dressed up for this one. The attendance was really much smaller than I expected, which for me, is good and bad.

Let me explain. You see, if you're running to place, the smaller the race the better because it increases your chances of placing, yes? But if you're running at a snail's pace, you want a bigger race - and hopefully full of walkers - so there's no way you'll come in last. See?

At this point, I was hoping for the latter. I ran this with Lisa, well, kinda, since she had her kids and her hubby joined, and I ran on ahead.

This was a good race. I mean I was exhausted, slow, and a bit.. I dunno.. off. But for as small as it was, it was well done, organizers were friendly, wonderful cookies at the end, and bling! You know I'm a sucker for bling.

My time was 36:28. Five+ minutes over my PR. Not happy about that. Slower, even, than my race with the lung bugs. Boo.

So would I do it again? Yes. But I'd definitely dress up next time.

(And since I've written this post later) you'll remember the Upper Gastrointestinal Boiling Pit of Hell which happened the night after this race.

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