Saturday, May 24, 2014

Easter Sun Run, 10k, April 19th

My second (official) 10k ever. (My first being Love, Life, Run 10k in 2013). My time on this was was 1:09:36 compared to my first one of 1:04:43.

I'm really annoyed by the slowing down of myself.

It felt pretty good, though. Like many races have mile markers, this one had kilometer markers. I have  love/hate thoughts about this. In some ways it's helpful because it's encouraging to watch the markers tick by faster. In other ways it sucks because there's so many more of them than if measured in miles. Personally, sometimes I just wish they were unmarked entirely.

This race was busy, a 2 miler was also offered.

I'll be running the Love, Life, Run 10k again this year, and my goal is a better time than both of these.

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