Monday, May 26, 2014

Derby High Five, 5k :: May 11th

I get a text one day that said something like, "I'm going to run the Derby High Five!" from Lisa. (I get a lot of these!) And, you know me, I can't resist. So I signed up.

(She ran both the 1 mile and the 5k and placed 1st in her age group in the mile.. just by the way.)

Judge me not because, well, that's just rude.  
This race was much better than I initially thought it was going to be, honestly. It was a family race, which I don't tend to be the most fond of, simply due to the dodging of children and walkers. Don't mistake me, I think it's great to see kids out running. I just don't like to have to dodge them. Because I'm a running snob like that.

I tried to keep up with Lisa initially, because, well, I'm insane. I kept pace for probably less than a tenth of a mile. I was just happy that I could match her pace at all. Ha. Anyway, the course was a two loop run through High Park. Again, I don't prefer the looped races, because I've already seen the scenery. Again, because I'm a running snob.

All of those complaints mentioned, I really enjoyed this race. I didn't feel horrible. I did get Shark Week those cramps (if you know what I mean) and that always makes me a little sick while running. My time was 32:31. This is still not my PR of 30:50, which was last November. This is better than a lot of my other times though, so I'll take it.

There was a lot of energy at this race. You know you just go to some and it's kind of.. lifeless? This one wasn't that. And as always, I loved running behind with Lisa!

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