Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Daily Dose of Batshit

I'm sitting around today, being lazy. Don't judge me. And here is what I've concluded: I am insane. Totally, irrefutably batshit crazy.

You recall my half marathon. I'm going to train for a full marathon.

Why does this make me batshit, you ask? Two reasons. First, I always say I'm going to do shit that I don't do. Why deny it? I do. And second, my first half was relatively god-awful. Therefore, why not train for a marathon?

I'm not vowing to actually run one here, just that I'm going to start the training and go from there. See if I have the desire then, you know?

Why am I doing this? Two words: Peanut. Butter. 

So tell me all about it, Marathon Peeps. What training plan to I use? What do I eat? Tell me how to cross train. I need all the advice I can get!

And now I'm going to hit "Publish" and in about 15 seconds wonder, "what the hell did I just say?!"


Grey-Eyed Mom said...

What did you use to fuel your half? So far just more of the same is what works for me on my long runs.

I REALLY like the Train like a Mother plans. I can scan the full marathon finish it plan and send it to you.

I'm still toying with the idea of moving the half in October up to a full. Welcome to the crazy train...population US!

Chelle Shock said...

I honestly didn't really fuel my half right. It's a little embarrassing to admit that I truly did not prepare appropriately for my half. I didn't run enough. I didn't eat right or well, even. I just wasn't ready, and I'm really not quite sure how I even ran the entire thing, lol

Definitely send me the plan, yes! Sounds great.. Let's do this! Here's my email address if you need it: Thank you!

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