Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Run2Believe 5k

My first official race since New Years Day!




At the time, that was no exaggeration. I started with Lisa and initially decided I'd keep her in my line of sight with the thought process that, "If I can see her, I'm not moving too slowly!" Ha. About, oh say, a tenth of a mile in, that proved too difficult. So I slowed down and decided just to finish without walking.

This sucks.

No really, I'm never doing another race again.


I can't believe I used to do this shit for fun!

This race was marked by the kilometer, in the way some races mark the miles. I saw a sign with "km 2" and immediately thought, I got this shit! Um, no. I wasn't even halfway.

With approximately 1/4 of a mile left, it dawned on me that I couldn't take much of a deep breath. I wanted to walk then, considering the alternative looked a lot like the blackness of unconsciousness. I told myself how stupid that was, and that if I hadn't walked yet, then by god, I wasn't going to walk now.

So I finished the race. In fact, I finished at 35:33. Which, those that know me, know I'm not pleased with. Then my chest started to hurt, my lungs started to burn, and the coughing began.

And surprisingly, I don't regret running this race in the least. Really.

Who needs to breathe to run, anyway? Not me!

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