Sunday, March 30, 2014

BarkAid 5k

"BarkAID’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for homeless animals, as well as educate people about what is happening with animals in their communities. BarkAid raises funds for shelters and pet adoption organizations in all 50 States."

The BarkAid 5k:

"The dog-friendly event helps raise funds for homeless animals and adoption organizations in Kansas."

So at 5:45 this morning my alarm goes off. I hate mornings. Seriously. I debated, as I always do, not going to the race. My Mom paid for this one, though, and it's for the dogs, so I dragged myself out of my nice warm bed and got dressed. Dressed, initially in shorts, a sparkle skirt, and my Tough Chik singlet because after all, it was supposed to be 70. Supposed to be! Turns out it was significantly cooler, and I changed into compression capris, Lunatik Athletiks compression socks, the sparkle skirt, black long sleeves, and a black jacket. When I got there I was still cold, but I picked up my race goods and took off the jacket. 

There were dogs everywhere! Dog people AND runners! The running itself went easier, but I'm still not up to my previous time. This one I finished in 35:03. The race, was fantastic. The cause, the pups, the people, fantastic. This was the first BarkAid 5k, and I hope it'll become a tradition. 

I met a Pibble, named Pearla, and her foster mommy from K9 Karma Boutique. Pearla had a serious case of Happy Tail and I'm honestly surprised she didn't leave welts on my legs from wagging that little weapon! She was so happy, such a sweet little girl, and if I didn't have three furbrats of my own, she'd have been mine. Beautiful little pup. I met another Pibble whose name I think was Mia, that looked a lot like my little Savannah girl (although, my babygirl is a Boxer mix), that I had a pretty hard time not bringing home too!


Grey-Eyed Mom said...

Pibble? I'm sitting here trying to hybridize every dog breed I know, but I can't figure it out.

If I'd known I would have had a puppy this week, I would have signed up for this race. I'm thinking of doing the DogNJog 1.5mile with my Willie dog!

Chelle Shock said...

Pit bull :)

This race was great!

Ashley a.k.a. Sweaty Girl said...

This sounds like my kind of race! Love pups!

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