Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hi. Um, yeah. Can I Have, Like, a Do-Over?

That new, more fabulous person I promised? She's kind of in progress.

As you may recall, here were my goals:
- A mile a day minimum all through January (easy, peasy)
- Raw food diet (not gonna be so easy)
- No more nicotine (jesus, what am I doing?!)
- Recruit a Mojo search party (Hopefully with the above, this won't be so bad)
- Get promoted (Interview's this Thursday - after I quit smoking, you'll note - wtf?)
- Take the 2 week Zaggora Challenge (During my daily running spree) 

So check it out. I ran the Hangover Challenge (and will review it in another post), so for the first day of January, I got in 3 miles. I haven't run since due to shitty weather. And when I say shitty weather, I mean my car got stuck at work, twice, and everything is still covered with an inch of snow and ice. Nice, Kansas, nice.

The raw food diet? Immediately after I ran the Hangover 5k on January 1st, I ate a doughnut. It was deee-licious, too. Don't judge me, I had just run three 5ks in under 24 hours.

Nicotine? I smoked until after my interview, which was last Thursday. I've had two a day since, aside from last night (Monday), which I only had one. I haven't had any today.

Mojo? Whatever.

The new job? Nope, didn't get it.

Zaggora Challenge? When I can get back outside to run, I'll do this one, too.

Not starting out well, huh?

So how about you? How is 2014 treating you all?

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