Thursday, January 9, 2014

Because Bad Assery Knows No Limits : Hangover Challenge

The title of this post is a bit embellished, indeed.

I ran the Hangover Challenge on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Here's the deal: One 5k at 5:00 p.m. on NYE. Then another one at 11:45 p.m. that same night, right? Then another one at 10:00 a.m. on NYD, right? The other option was the first two 5ks and then a half marathon. Ha. I'm SO glad I didn't sign up for that one.

As you know, I took a three week hiatus from running, ran 3 (they sucked) miles a few days before the races and then hit these 5ks.. or they hit me, actually. Like a china shop bull.

Don't misunderstand me, now. I'm glad I did them. The first one, the Resolution Run was pretty rough. The second, Run in the New Year, was much better. The third one, though, The Hangover 5k, made the Resolution Run feel like a breeze. I told myself, of course they were awful, three 5ks in less than 24 hours. I repeated that mantra to myself, to ease my agony and guilt I felt for having so much trouble with these, and the panic I had have in regards to the 13.1 miles I have coming up very, very soon. And this repetition worked for awhile.. until I realized I had run a 10k and an 11k in, also, under 24 hours. Those didn't feel nearly as bad as these.

I have to admit to myself, now, that I have deconditioned. 

And this revelation makes me want to cry.

But I finished them. And I didn't walk. At all. And I got three "blings" for them.  And bling always makes me happy. And as I've stated before: I do believe that much of running races is about teaching your body how to adapt to things that suck. And this, sucked. Hear that, body? Lesson learned. 

Let's break them down.

1st Race, El Dorado
The first one, the Resolution Run, was a beer run. I opted out of the beer run, because it had been so long since I had run. Not to mention I frequently have nausea issues while running. My time was clocked at 32:47. Obviously not my best, but running break in mind, I'm pretty damned happy with. I don't have pictures of this race, because honestly - we forgot. "We" being myself and this jackass guy I started seeing in October. He ran it with me, but did the beer run portion, and his time was 43:36. He didn't die. He didn't vomit either. At least not that he admitted to me.

The second 5k, Run In The New Year, was much better for me than the first. Not time-wise really (32:35), but it sure felt better. And, again, running break in mind, I'm still pretty damned happy with. This one was in the dark, starting at 11:45 p.m., and I literally "ran in the New Year". I carried a flashlight, which I didn't need for the most part because everyone was lit up, and I'm used to running in the dark anyway. I could hear fireworks in the middle of the race and saw a few alongside the course. They had champagne after this one, and I got a champagne glass to go with the one from See Jane Run! I don't have pictures from this race either, because we again forgot. "We", again, being me and the same guy from above, that totally opted out of this second race.

Race number three, Hangover 5k, by far sucked the worst of the three. I had hoped for better times, no matter how slight, for each of the races. I didn't get that, this one I did in 33:21. He did it in 36:49, which is a PR for him! And he didn't die. Doughnuts and coffee afterwards! Food is a must have for a successful race. True story. We did get pictures of this one, but all I've got are the ones of me, because he didn't send me the ones of himself. (He doesn't like bling either. Weirdo.)

Did I mention that I got three blings? I did  mention I got three blings! I also got the limited edition "Finisher" sweatshirt for running all three 5ks! You can get your own 2014 Hangover Series sweatshirt here, but it won't be nearly as cool as mine because mine says FINISHER! Huzzah!

 The weather was fairly cold, in the 20's-low 30's. Which to me is just about perfect for running. Here are the pics he took of my cute little outfit for the Hangover race.

It was morning. I was cold. And bitchy.
And didn't want my picture taken!
But, Bling!!

And you have to admit, my outfit is absolutely adorable.

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Grey-Eyed Mom said...

Triple bling for the win! And yes, your outfit is totally adorable! Love the skirt!

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