Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unofficial Hiatus, Work Business, & Dearest Mojo

As of today, I have taken 10 days off from running. It's kind of a purposely accidental sort of thing. I mentioned how crappy my last race was - how awful it felt to me - my knee booboo, the cold weather (lately though, it's been nice outside), and work b.s. and when these things combined my brain kind of shut down. My Half Marathon training has been nonexistent and, in fact, my running has been nonexistent. I've been smoking again and the scale has been less kind. Have you ever known what you needed to do and just didn't really care to do it? That's where I'm at.

And I ain't gonna lie. I hate it.

My friend Lisa has run a mile every day since Thanksgiving and plans to continue through New Years. In fact, just yesterday she told me she was going to run a mile every day for the rest of her life. What's a mile a day? Well, I saw her on Sunday and she looks fantastic!

I'm on board.

Now, you know me and my OCD, right? Set times, set dates, set everything. I'll be starting the mile a day thing in January. I have a 5k on the very first day of the year, and I have Half Marathon training as well. I plan to quit smoking and I'm really wanting to start a Raw Food Diet.. all starting January 1st. Nothing like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, eh?

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all batshit on you with this. I'm not going to freak out if I don't adhere to the diet 100%. I don't even really plan on doing the diet forever, I just want to give it a real shot to see what it's like.

As for work business, I applied for a new job at my company. As in taking over the entire unit I presently work in. I'm not particularly expecting to get it, but I clearly can't change anything where I'm at so I decided I had no right to bitch if I wasn't going to try to make things better. I'll keep you posted on that.

Dearest Mojo, Why hast thou forsaken me? I used to feed my Mojo very well, all sorts of motivational goodies. I used to fight with my Mojo and insist it function appropriately even when it was being lazy. I used to wait out my Mojo until it was ready to perform by making myself go run even when I wasn't feeling it. My Mojo comes and goes. Right now, my Mojo.. well, honestly, I don't know where the fuck my Mojo is, but it had better get it's ass up front and center. Pronto.

So let's rehash.
- A mile a day minimum all through January
- Raw food diet
- No more nicotine
- Recruit a Mojo search party
- Get promoted
- Take the 2 week Zaggora Challenge

Oh! I forgot to mention that! I recently purchased a pair of Zaggora's Hot Pants. The theory here in short, is that you wear these pants, you stay toasty warm AND you lose inches. I'm a skeptic, for sure. I bought these on a 50% off sale because I've been wanting to try them for ages. I figure at the very least, I now have pants that'll keep me warm in sub-freezing KS weather, and at the most, I'll lose a few inches in the process. You'll get a full review of this, of course, and if these pants truly do work, Zaggora will have a fan for life and I'll personally be singing their praises to everyone that'll listen. Now Zaggora, maybe nobody really listens to me, but believe me when I say I can talk forEVer and this could totally work to your benefit, because people will check you out to shut me up.

And my mileage goal for 2014? I'm going to run 1,000 miles. 

I got to meet up with my Sole Sistas last Sunday for a Secret Santa and I finally got to meet Mrs. Former Fat Bride! She's going to be a fantastic addition to our running addiction, and I can't wait to find a race we can all run together!

Next up? Griswold's Christmas Race Virtual 5k and the Hangover Challenge for New Years.


Grey-Eyed Mom said...

I felt like I could have written this same thing this week. Hope you find that mojo soon! And I hope to meet you and the rest of the gals VERY soon!

Chelle Shock said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you, too! And I'm really excited about the two (B2B) half marathons coming up next year too, which reminds me I need to sign up! My mojo's still sleeping away, but I blame the weather this time (I know, excuses, excuses) because we still have a ton of snow on everything.

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