Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Burnout & The Self Pity Post

Let's not confuse the "Burnout" section of the title with running, oh no, this is not the case. My burnout is with work, but because of what I do (I'm an RN), I can't give detail here. Just know if I come across more bitchy pleasant than usual in future posts, this is likely why.

I feel like hell! There, I said it. My little road rash instance kicked my ass and doesn't seem to be finished yet. You may recall my post about the tons of mosquito bites I had over the summer and how they refused to heal? Yes. Well now, apparently, I have developed a skin allergy to non-latex bandages. My innocently painful little center-of-the-kneecap scrape has turned into the ridiculously painful not-so-little-anymore kneecap scrape which now has skin breakdown around it thanks to non-latex bandages. (By the way, I'm also allergic to latex bandages.) The good news is, I'm a nurse, and with ice and antibiotic ointment, I think I'll survive.
Yes, I know this image is sideways, too. I can't change it.

Aside from this, though, my little road rash instance has also apparently decided my knee wasn't enough and spread straight on up to my right shoulder - which has woke me up the past few nights with this achy burning business. So, my right shoulder blade, right collarbone, down my right arm, and up into the right side of my neck hurts. As I type this, I feel like my shoulder is on fire. I can only assume I bruised something catching myself on the concrete. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are my pals. I'm thinking I'll also be making friends with my heating pad very soon.

Surely, the "little" road rash instance just really wasn't so little, and I'm not simply getting too old for this shit, right? Right?! Don't answer that, it won't take much more to make me cry right now!

So what's next? Santa 5k this Saturday morning and then the best breakfast ever with Lisa and Jen

The weather for Saturday?

A nice balmy 11° at race start

If you need me, I'd like to be in bed with an ice pack on my knee, a heating pad on my shoulder, a cup of coffee in one hand, the TV remote in the other, and my three beloved furbabies taking advantage of my warm blankets snuggling up with me. 

Or more likely, sitting here with an ice pack on my knee, a heating pad on my shoulder, a cup of coffee on the table, the laptop on my lap, and my three beloved furbabies on the couch because they're tired of hearing mommy whine.

Most likely? Making a tutu for Saturday! With coffee on the table, an ice pack on my knee, and my beloved furbabies barking their fool heads off in the living room and whomever dares to go past this house.

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