Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Next Time You Read Me

I will be a new, more fabulous, person. Let's reiterate.

Following the New Year, I shall:

- A mile a day minimum all through January (easy, peasy)
- Raw food diet (not gonna be so easy)
- No more nicotine (jesus, what am I doing?!)
- Recruit a Mojo search party (Hopefully with the above, this won't be so bad)
- Get promoted (Interview's this Thursday - after I quit smoking, you'll note - wtf?)
- Take the 2 week Zaggora Challenge (During my daily running spree) 

And this will begin in.. under 12 hours. No pressure. No anxiety here!

This evening I have two 5k races, one at 5p and one at 11:45p. As I clearly have not mastered the skill of the 14 minute 5k, I will still be running as the clock strikes midnight to the new year. I have another 5k tomorrow at 10a. I get crazy looks when I talk about it, but that's why it's called a "Challenge". As in Hangover Half Series Challenge. It's not supposed to be easy. Although, I can run 9 miles in one stretch (agonizingly and bitterly) and breaking them up into three? That's only gonna make it easier (I hope?)

So I'm scheduling a post at 12:00 New Year's Day, since I won't be at my computer, to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Wish me luck those next 17 hours!

And I leave you with this (which is unrelated to, like, everything in this blog post):

If It Can Be Destroyed By the Truth, It Deserves to Be Destroyed By the Truth.
- Carl Sagan

Farewell, 2013. 

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