Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten Mile - WTF Was I Thinking?! - Race Review

Let me throw this out there first (and I had to look this up!):

 On 04/18/13 I ran 11 miles in 2:08:46, averaging 11:39min/mi.

On 10/24/13 I ran 8 miles. If you recall, I was miserable.  

On 11/24/2013 I ran 10 miles in 1:56:48, averaging 11:41min/mi.

Here's The Weather:

It was cold. Ungodly cold. I've run in cold weather before, but not officially and not for 10 miles. I wasn't sure what to wear, and if you check out my Facebook, you'll see me stressing over it. I finally decided on my Lunatik Athletik compression socks, compression capris, my beloved Brooks Ravenna 3 shoes (I LOVE these shoes!!), a long sleeve moisture-wicking tee, a short sleeve moisture-wicking tee over it, my favorite black jacket (with thumb holes!), Mizuno gloves, and my zebra striped RokBAND.  Guess what? I didn't freeze. Oh, it was still cold, yes, but as we ran I actually got warm.

Here's The Crew:

Jen and I met up at Lisa's house before the race to all ride together. We found parking relatively easy considering the turnout and until we walked back to Jen's car after the race, carrying frozen turkeys nonetheless, it didn't feel like we were parked that far away. You try running 10mi in below freezing temps and then carrying a big frozen turkey! (I don't eat meat, as you know. I gave the turkey to my grandparents.)

We lined up at the Start Line and I took this time to look around at my insanely like-minded individuals competitors. There were people wearing shorts! No kidding.

The Race:

Shortly after beginning the run, Lisa and I had this (or something like it) conversation:
Me: People actually run 10 miles for fun!
Lisa: You mean like us?
Me: I'll tell you at mile 10!

Jen (our half marathon girl) was our pacer, planning to keep us around 11 minute miles. We did pretty well until about halfway when I slowed to a walk at the second water station. I can't drink and run without spilling water all over me - and considering the temps, I wasn't going to try this time. After the 30 or so seconds of walking, my legs cramped. Not just cramped, but "seriously you idiot? Wtf do you think you're doing?!" I kept running, though, and was actually able to keep an eye on Jen in front of me for some time, until I lost her around a bend.

Lisa and I hung together for a time after that, until I looked over my shoulder and she was missing! I ran on for a few miles, might I mention I was running on sheer willpower at this time, until I came up on Mile Marker 9. I glanced back and there was Speed Demon! We ran together briefly again until she stopped to take a drink and called to me, "I'll see you at the Finish Line!" I wasn't sure I'd make it to the Finish Line, but ok!

One more mile to go. You know that saying "When your legs get tired, run with your heart"? That's exactly what I did. I realize I didn't just run a marathon, but now I truly believe I can do my half marathon in March. Even though I've been slacking on training. I've got this.

This race was awesome. Not only because it was well done, but because it proved to me what I can do.

And I love these girls! Thank you both for running this with me, for motivating me, and for being my friends! And thank you to Jen's family for taking pictures!

Lisa, me, Jen (pic courtesy of Jen's hubby)

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Lisa at One Fit Step (as soon as she writes it!)

Next up? Say Grace 5k on Thanksgiving!

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Say Grace with both Jen and Lisa!

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