Thursday, November 21, 2013

She's Been M.I.A. but She Ran the Mustache Dash & PR'd

But I'm back!

I'm still grateful for every day this month, even the ones I didn't blog about until now. Here goes:

November 13th through November 21st, 2013, I'm thankful I survived each and every one of those days, through work, relationships with friends, student loans (sweet jesus!), and home repairs. Cheers!

Now, onto business. I'm behind on my virtual races thanks to crappy circumstances and today, crappier weather. I will get caught up.

I ran the Mustache Dash 5k last Saturday, the 16th - the day before my thirty-sixth twenty-sixth birthday. AND I PR'd at 31:27! Yes, indeed. After the 10 and 11ks I did the previous weekend, this was eeeeasy. So I met Lisa, who seriously needs to get on the blogging bandwagon (it's been over a month since she posted!) - or, rather - I tried to meet Lisa, but in the crowd we missed each other. She must've been behind me somewhere at the Starting Line, because she caught up to me shortly into the race. We're cruising along (thank you, Universe, for downhills!) and I ran into the chick I finished the Boots & Daisy Dukes race with! We chatted briefly, and went onward. One of these meetings, I'm going to get her number!

Lisa & I after Mustache Dash
Anyway, I lost Lisa at some point after the 1 Mile marker, and I think it may have been on the uphill. I despise hills! I turned around and she was gone. I ran on, thinking the speed demon would catch up to me. Did I mention she can run a sub-10min mile? Yeah. Seriously. I have to fight for a sub-11. I didn't see her again until after the Finish Line, where I almost immediately turned around to see her finish, and missed her again. We found each other a few minutes later and we waited for our finish times. I PR'd at 30 seconds faster than my last time! She PR'd, I believe, as her fastest race post-pregnancy (is that right, Lisa?)

Now, I really liked this race (don't I like them all?) and love the finisher's medal - almost as much as I love the Boots & Daisy Dukes finisher medal. Hell, who am I kidding? I love bling. Based on the results of this race, there were over 1,000 participants. Also according to results, I placed 22nd out of 109 in my age group. For my gender: 128th out of 718. And overall: 279th of 1,032. I'll take it.

Next on the radar? Well, getting caught up on the virtual races, of course. As far as actual races? A 10-miler. This Sunday. I once ran 11 miles, about 500 years ago. I'm incredibly nervous. Like, it's only Thursday and my stomach is nervous-queasy, kind of nervous.

I get to run it with Jen (who's already run a half marathon.) and Lisa (with her sub-10 miles.) both! So it's going to be just fine. And we'll all finish.

And regardless of how long it takes me, it'll be my first 10 mile PR!

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Lisa said...

oh you don't give yourself enough credit. Seriously you have beat me at every race!! Yeah I can run fast sprints but I don't have your endurance:o) You rock!! and yes I will be getting back to blogging this week.haha

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