Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Compression Socks and Lunatik Athletiks

So what's the deal with compression socks? I've wondered that since I started running.

"Compression socks are used by runners in attempt to recover from hard workouts and races as quickly as possible. The snug-fitting, knee-high socks are meant to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up. Some runners wear compression socks while training and racing, others use them after a run. Compression socks are notably popular among ultrarunners." - Runner's World

Rumor has it that compression socks help prevent shin splints as well. As you know, shin splints are my second biggest issue (knee pain being first) and I have been desperately searching for a remedy. Here's where Lunatik Athletiks came in. They sent me the most gorgeous pair of socks, that honestly, I'd be in love with even if they didn't work.

It's ok. Be jealous

There are a lot of compression sock companies out there and though I looked at many, I can honestly say that Lunatik Athletiks (their blog) has some of the best looking socks I've seen. I was stoked when they sent me this pair. It was love.

So, you want to know what I think? I think they're on to something here. I slipped these socks on and they felt wonderful. You know how picky I am about my socks, this is a serious matter. I went out running. Admittedly, the first couple times I ran in them I didn't feel much difference during the run. Afterwards though, I never wanted to take them off. I mean never. The third time I ran in them I could tell a difference. While I still had some fatigue in my ankles (this is relatively new, I can't recall if I mentioned it before, but I really think it's the 15lbs I've gained *sad face*), the tiredness in my shins and calves was greatly improved. The longest distance I've worn them so far is 8 miles. I plan to wear them this Saturday at my 10k. You'll see those pictures, too.

These socks are easy to get on, easy to get off, awesome to wear, and gorgeous to look at.

 And while I'm on this topic, check out their running skirts, compression sleeves (for men, too!), and their other compression socks (men, too!)!

Would I buy these socks? Yes. Should you buy these socks? Yes! Do I recommend this product? Definitely! My personal Lunatik Athletiks rating: 5/5.

Next up? I want this skirt!

[Disclaimer: I received this Lunatik Athletiks pair of compression socks free for review but received no other compensation. My opinions are completely honest and entirely my own.]

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