Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Rat, The Run, The Retail Therapy, and The November Plans

In her box, the day I met her
My little Lucille is hanging on. She had laser treatment on her injured foot on Tuesday and started antibiotics two times a day. She had laser treatment again on Wednesday, and will have it again tomorrow. The vet says her prognosis is "not good, but we'll see". She's eating and acts pretty normal, but her foot still looks pretty bad. There's been some talk of considering amputation, but no plans have been made yet. I definitely don't want to go this route, because being a rat, she would likely chew on the incision. As it is, she seems to be leaving her little foot alone. I'm optimistic. She has a cute little cage now (I told her as she grows up, I'll get her a bigger cage), her own food bowl, her own blanket, water bottle, and her own toilet paper roll. I even went shopping and bought all sorts of fruits and veggies for her. She may be a little spoiled.

I haven't gone running in the past few days. Partly because I haven't made time between work, rat business, and social events. Partly because the last few times I've gone I've had bad leg fatigue and I'm a little disheartened. I'm going tonight though, and it's going to be fabulous! I've registered for Jost Running's November 5k, Run Your Mass Off, and it starts this Saturday! I'm planning to have a kick ass time the first time instead of running it three times before I'm happy! Also I received my Oktoberfest medal from Jost Running and I love it! It's huge, and it's heavy, and it's high quality. Very impressive. I'm also planning to do their Winter Sport 5k!

The Package
The Medal

The Note

Like I NEED to spend money
Oh my gawd how much did I buy? After my post about the sad moment nothing else is coming by mail, I went to Gone for a Run and did a little retail therapy. Betcha want to know what I got, huh? A lot of it was clearance! Check out what I've got coming: Hairbees, Julibands, and more Julibands. A mantra sign and another mantra sign, both in navy. A Rokband, temp tattoos that I'm going to wear on half marathons!, and performance lip balm that I desperately need when running. A TiGe Titanium wristband and a TiGe Titanium necklace. The thing that started this shopping spree, a WristSTASH to carry my phone and car/house key in. A long sleeve tee that I've had my eye on. And last but definitely not least, Yakety Yak Chicked Socks! I need a second, and maybe a third job.

What are my November plans? The Virtual Run Nov. 6th-9th, a 10k and an 11k the very next day, a 5k the day before my birthday, and the Double Gobble Challenge consisting of a 5k and a 10 miler! It's going to be a busy month.

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