Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That Sad Moment When..

 You realize everything you've ordered online has been delivered and you don't have anything else coming. 

Here's a peek at things to come on my blog. 

I ordered the liquidation Mizuno Breath Thermo Arm Warmer & Gloves Set (violet) from RunningWarehouse.com, and it was delivered crazy fast. I bought the set for only $13.88! I haven't had the chance to test them out during a run because the temperature hasn't been cold enough yet, but I did try them on and they feel great. When Mother Nature's mood swings, you'll get to hear all about them in action. Here's Mizuno's website. If you have favorite arm warmers or gloves, tell me about them! I'm looking for ways not to freeze during half marathon training this winter!

I also recently got a sample of  Quest Protein Bars in the mail. They came in this box on the most perfect day possible, when I really needed to read this. Anyway, I received the White Chocolate Raspberry bar and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I stared at them, and snapped pictures of them to share with you, and then I placed them ever so gently in my cabinet, where they stayed for a whole two days! I tried the Cookie Dough first, after a run, and it was delicious!  Then, a couple days later, the Raspberry bar. It wasn't quite as good as the Cookie Dough (and while I love raspberry, I love cookie dough more) it, too, was awesome. If you're looking for protein bars that aren't loaded with a ton of crap, Quest Protein Bars are my suggestion. 

Stay tuned for my Lunatik Athletiks compression socks review!

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