Monday, October 7, 2013


On Saturday, October 5th I went to Rosstoberfest, for my 5th Saturday 5k in a row. I was pretty chilly and this time I dressed appropriately for the weather as opposed to Race for the Cure where I got drenched and frozen. Black compression capris, bad ass knee highs, gunmetal sparkle skirt, plain long sleeve moisture wick shirt, and my beloved running jacket with the thumb holes. I'm a sucker for thumb holes! Pretty spiffy outfit, I must say.

So how'd it go? The run felt a little rough for me, took me a bit to get my breathing sorted out, and I really hate to say this, but - my knees were kind of sore. Physical Therapy is going to have to start back up (boo!) during the Half Marathon training. There were a few small hills, which I felt I handled pretty well, at least well for not typically training on hills. Until the end. I heard a woman behind me say to a younger girl, "we're at thirty one minutes, are you doing ok?" Thirty one minutes! I can see the Finish Line! I see a PR in my future! Then I hit the hill. Or should I say the hill hit me. It was steeper than I expected (I hear you snickering, hill runners), and I confess I almost face planted. Seriously. I didn't, though, and was determined to reach the finish line, even if this goddamned hill was going to ruin that PR. There HAS to be a secret to getting up hills more, gracefully, because that thing was a bitch for me. And it wasn't even that big of a hill! I'm seriously a little bit embarrassed by this admission. My time was clocked at 32:29 which is indeed a PR, beating my time from the PACE Race by a two whole seconds in spite of the surprise hill! Ha ha, you stupid hill. Ha ha.

Anyway, I get finished and first thing I hear is Jen from Run Beside Me telling me she recorded me! Ha. She had come to support us during this race. "Us" being me and Lisa from One Fit Step that I finally got to meet! Great women, great blogs, go check them out!

[Pictures in this post are courtesy of Run Beside Me. Thank you!]

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