Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New PR Credited to a Sweaty Band!

The fantastic peeps at Sweaty Bands sent me this gorgeous headband for my running escapades. I'm here to give you my opinion.

First off, a bit of back history. I have been trying for ages to hit a 30 minute 5k, yes? Have I done it? No. But my newest PR (31:57) was achieved just last Saturday at the Boots & Daisy Dukes 5k. That's a whole thirty-two seconds faster in two weeks! And you may note, that the Virtual 5k wasn't exactly a record time. I went from 32:29 to less desirable speeds and down to 31:57.

What did I do differently? Absolutely nothing except wear this headband. Seriously. The rest of my outfit I've worn a dozen times.

I checked my snail mail box every day waiting for this package and when it came (pretty speedy delivery, even) I snapped a few pictures of the opening process to find it came with a note.

"I thought this one would go great with your gunmetal sparkle skirt!"

How awesome is that?! They not only checked out my blog, but they considered my favorite running skirt! I adore the companies that actually care about their customers and take the time out to address them individually! And it DOES perfectly match my skirt!

I slipped this band on and went for a run. 

Don't judge my makeup-less-ness and partially done hairdo. It's a process!
Look at how it SPARKLES!
LOVE! I did ponytail my hair after these two pictures, and you'll note I have bangs. This headband controlled my bangs and remained in place when my hair was pulled up.

Unfortunately, my next race was crazy cold and I didn't get to wear my skirt. This didn't stop me from wearing the headband, though. Through the windiness of this race, this band didn't move. This has always been an issue of mine, I have almost waist length hair, and it's pretty fine and perfectly straight (what I wouldn't give for thick curls, *sigh) and without a dozen bobby pins and loads of hairspray, I'm just not really successful at keeping it out of my face when I run. Not one iota did this Sweaty Band slip. And I'm SO in love with the way it sparkles. These pictures, taken in my car, don't do it justice.

The only issue I had at all was that when worn closer to my face the sequined material itched a bit, this was easily resolved by simply pushing it back a bit further on my head. And this is also only one type of material used in these headbands, so it wouldn't be an issue at all with other styles.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely! My Personal Sweaty Band Rating: 5/5.  Gorgeous headband + sparkly skirt + new PR = extremely happy girl. You'll certainly be seeing more of me in this brand!

Thank you, Sweaty Bands, for letting me review your product. You have a new fan!

I'm already shopping for my next one.

Stay tuned for my Boots & Daisy Dukes 5k Race Review!

[Disclaimer: I received this Sweaty Band  free for review but received no other compensation. My opinions are completely honest and entirely my own.]

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