Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Road ID

Ordered: Sept. 26th - Received: Oct. 2nd. Here's my previous post. I opened it right away of course, and tried it on. It's a perfect fit (I got a size small - there are sizing guidelines on their site. It's very simple.) It is very simplistic (you can get less simplistic if you like, I like simple), very attractive, and looks and feels like it could weather a hurricane and come out unfazed.

I wiped out my info, duh. If you can't read the quote at the bottom, it's "I'll Quit When I'm Done"
I have pretty small wrists, and you see it fits very well. Made of nylon webbing, elastic, reflective 3M Scotchlite, stainless steel and closing with velcro, it's also water resistant. It comes in several colors and styles. And it's only $19.99!

I got to wear it to Rosstoberfest yesterday! I am very happy with my Road ID. You know I'll never lead you astray. Go get yours!

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