Saturday, October 5, 2013

Komen Race for the Cure

I've gotten a bit behind here in my posting - I'll catch up within the next few days! Skipping back to my race last weekend - Komen Race for the Cure to raise money for breast cancer cure. My registration was funded by Rusty Eck Ford and our team was pretty big! Lots of pink "Cancer - Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!" tees running around.

I left home to head to the race in the dark, rain, and cold. I wore compression shorts, knee high breast cancer ribbon socks, and my Rusty Eck shirt under long pants and my running jacket. Upon just getting to race location and picking up my packet I was soaked to the skin through my layers of clothes and my shoes were drenched and my feet were freezing. Considered running - for home. But I stayed. I met a woman that this was her very first 5k (what luck, huh?!) and talked to her for awhile. I looked for her after the race to ask how it went, but was unable to find her, unfortunately.

The competitive 5k was delayed until 8:30 and both competitive and noncompetitive 5ks were to start at the same time. At 8:30 it's still raining, and freezing cold. The turnout was still amazing, and we did it anyway. Volunteers were lining the streets wearing pink and shaking pink tambourines. Really. Towards the end were signs such as "Save 2nd Base!", "Save the Boobies!", and "Save the Tatas!" Lots of energy, lots of excitement, and tons of support. Even the weather didn't dampen people's spirits.

Not my best time. Not my most flattering race pictures. And in spite of my original questioning of myself that what the hell was I thinking?! I'm really glad I stayed. Besides, Go Big or Go Home, right?

Afterwards, despite my decidedly disheveled appearance, I headed over to Village Inn to meet Jen at Run Beside Me. We got to sit and talk a couple hours until unfortunately I had to head to work. Looking forward to many more brunches and racing with her! Go visit her blog. You'll like her, too!

And stay tuned for my RoadID and Rosstoberfest posts!

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